Create professional TV-like multimedia for any display system.

Multimedia Authoring and Scheduling Software
InfoChannel Designer 3 allows users to author and schedule professional TV-like multimedia for virtually any type of display application. From retail Dynamic Signage to entertainment, education and business cimmunications, InfoChannel Designer gives users more ceative control with seamless integration of text, graphics, animnation, sound and video. Content is distributed to remote players using InfoChannel Network Manager 3.


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Key Features:

- Easy user interface that takes just minutes to learn
- Scheduling of events for time, day, month and year
- Drawing tools, texture tiling, real-time image processing, opacity and alpha channel
- Text anti-aliasing, formatting, rotation and multi-language spell check
- Data-driven text crawls with controllable direction and speed
- Interactive buttons, variables and branching without programming
- Imports standard graphics, sound and video files
- Supports import from TWAIN compatible digital cameras and scanners
- Serial port data communications
- Support for Windows Script Host compatible languages (eg. Javascript, VBScript)
- Logging of events for ad billing and error tracking
- Multiple level undo

- Smooth, full-screen, TV-like playback with hundreds of real-time effects and transitions
- Versatile layering of text, video and graphic elements
- Unlimited mixing of digital audio tracks
- Seamless, smooth playback of digital video
- Optional add-ons for MPEG cards, VCRs and other hardware devices
- InfoChannel Network
- Web component
- E-mail- Stand-alone file
- Video
- Printing of presentations in a variety of formats


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